Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hell Yeah, Milk

I like to drink milk. I guess a lot of people think milk is gross. I'm here to say they're wrong. And stupid. Most likely they have brittle bones and will be a stooped-over old crotchety person that's going to say 'damn, I should have had more milk when I was a young buck.'

Here's some things that go good with milk:
  • Tacos (pictured)
  • Pizza (cuts right through the pizza taste)
  • Meatloaf (everything is good with meatloaf)
  • Sandwiches (especially baloney with mayonnaise)
  • All breakfast foods
Some people think that milk is good in your coffee. That's a damn lie, and a waste of good milk. God made half-and-half for coffee, and milk for drinking.

I may even start to bathe in milk. It'll give my skin that youthful glow it's been missing.


jbanks said...


Amber said...

There was no half and half in the cafeteria today. I ended up with what I think is skim milk. There should have been a sign posted to warn me ahead of time. I feel like someone out there should give me my $2 back.
Where's my bailout?
Where's my auto workers union?

Yearn Sum Things Knew said...

I fuckin' love milk too and have successfully drank a half gallon in a sitting! Agreed, milk goes great mith tacos and meatloaf and also spaghetti!