Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blunt Party

We hit up Ander's ramp yesterday, for the first time in forever. Last time we were out there, his cousin came out to kick it for a few, and told us some stories about his day job. I think he's an EMT or something, and that day he had seen some dude die that got thrown through the window of a car. Yikes.

He also told us that 'CPR doesn't work' b/c everyone he's performed CPR on has died. I don't know if that means he sucks at CPR or that it really doesn't work. Either way, now he's the Angel of Death to me.

On less-heavy shiznit, here's a few clips from the ramp. Everyone got into blunts that day, except me, because I can't do blunts of any kind. Damn. I wanna learn blunts.

Since I can't edit video (yet), you have to watch the whole thing. Sorry. The first one starts off a little slow, but it's well worth the wait for the sick half-cab blunt to rock that Ryan drops.


COLEMAN'S LINE (short, but with a great blunt to axle.)

FLYNN'S 'LINE' (no blunt, but possible spleen damage)

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Yearn Sum Things Knew said...

That was possibly the illest of the ill, yo! My spleen my spleen it was all a dream, fresh like a box of crispy kremes!