Sunday, December 11, 2011

Confession Time

So for the last few years, whenever given the chance, I've trash-talked the iPhone. I ripped on it for being a crappy phone, for being a huge time suck, and just basically b/c I hated the overall iPhone culture.

Well, I bought an iPhone, and it's pretty spectacular. Now I'm lurking on it non-stop, mouth agape, tapping away at the screen like every other assface out there.

It's still a shitty phone (drops at least 2x as many calls as my Droid), but everything else on it is pretty sweet.

So there. I said it. The iPhone is pretty sweet. Now I need to drink something strong to get this taste outta my mouth.


annieb said...

Remember that time you invited me to The Club? Before you decided to ask me to dance you spent a good 30 minutes making fun of my brand new iPhone, swearing multiple times you'd never get one.


A, E, e, a said...

yes you do, annieb. you win. =)

Campbell said...

Just another case of iWasRight and kellyWrong.

KM said...

I think this is just the OTHER case of kellyWrong.

Meaning there have only been 2 times I was wrong. In case that wasn't clear.