Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eat That Turkey


Spent Turkey Day 2011 in Baltimore with my ladyfriend's family, where we ate a kickass fried turkey. I've gone the fried turkey route once before with my family, and after my 2nd round, I'm hooked. So much better. Dare I say it was a moist, succulent bird.

My favorite job is to stand outside and watch the turkey cook in oil. If I smoked cigars, that would be a perfect complement, but I just drank beer as my turkey-cooking activity, and it was pretty great.

I did fail at my only real job, which was to push a button when some light started blinking. I pushed it once the blinking started, but the blinking did not stop. I did nothing else, and was shortly thereafter relieved of duty.

After gorging for two days, I've been pretty much immobile since.

Big thanks to the Ladyfriend's Family for hosting me and giving me simple jobs.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


J, P said...

Always offer to dry dishes. Simple, can't be messed up, and makes everyone think you're really helping out.

J, P said...

Also, always a fried turkey. Always.

annieb said...

Included in the gorging were clams and bacon-wrapped shrimp. He'll be ready for crabs by the summer!

jsc said...

i ate fried edamame the other night, also in baltimore--go bmore!--and i must say, fry it up and it adds a significant amount of flavor!