Sunday, August 30, 2009

RIP, Stank-Covered Spot

Another favorite spot for lurking and skating was demolished in the name of progress here in DC. Or maybe it was in the name of less assaults on drunk kickball asshats, I'm not sure. The end result, though, is that Marie Reed's covered stairs are no longer available for skateboarding and it's a damn shame.

It wasn't really even a good spot; the ground sucked (it was like falling on a cheese grater), it smelled worse than any other spot I skate, and there were more stains on the ground than I could even count.

But as far as skate spots go, it had one very, very important thing going for it: it was covered. So when we're in the middle of a deluge of rain like we're having right now, covered spots are needed to keep the level of shredding high. Plus, it made for some kickass echoes like this one.

I'll miss the spot, but at least I don't have to worry about the hepatitis that's sure to be in those stains and puddles.

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HP said...

i guess that's progress.