Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Didn't Want to Drive In There

Seriously, I didn't want to go through that tunnel.

It was after midnight, and we were driving around and through Hell's Canyon, Idaho. The little towns we'd passed on our way in were all shut down and we'd been in the dark for a while.

In pursuit of the Perfect Campsite, E was driving all over these side roads, back roads, dirt roads, whatever. I didn't have any better ideas, and I wasn't driving, so I went along with the plan.

Then we hit this tunnel, and I didn't like it. I won't lie to you. Between the dusty-looking wood supports, and the super-tight fit, it felt like a bad idea. Plus, it wasn't like it was on a marked road. We drove past some sketchy little trailer town, past a building that looked like a Post Office (but there's no way it was, right?), and into this sketchville tunnel.

On top of that, it was in IDAHO. I don't know shit about Idaho, but I always felt it wasn't quite right. Like there's a bunch of anti-society militia folk hiding in tunnels who might be into hunting people. I'm just sayin.

But we went in, and drove around the nothingness on the other side, then came back and found a pretty sweet spot to camp. So it was pretty anticlimactic, I guess. Either way it was a scary-ass tunnel in pitch black in a place called Hell's Canyon. You woulda been scared, too.


A, E, e, a said...

Did you hear "dueling banjos" in your head!?! just asking...

KM said...

i just heard my own screams. that was drowning out everything else.

Campbell said...

just remember, the hills have eyes

H.P.S. said...

yeah that thing looks like m. night shamaawhatever movie with twins on tricycles about to show up, just creepily not blinking and riding towards you. Glad you guys lived!