Saturday, July 4, 2009

Most American-y

I know very few people actually give a shit about other people's vacation photos, so I'm going to post mine in context with other semi-interesting events or something.

Then it can feel like you're learning, and not just seeing a lamer, snapshot version of someone's time off work. And I know everyone came here to learn.

For July 4th, I'm posting the most patriotic thing we did on the trip (besides eating Burger King).

In Oregon, we were driving back roads and looking for this Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. We found it, but of course it was closed (it was kinda late), so we lurked around for a bit and found the real deal...there are actually still wagon wheel tracks from the Oregon Trail, and they're just off the side of the road. Crazy.

I'm a huge fan of the original Oregon Trail video game, so this is like a trip through history. Without the cholera.


Campbell said...

Good you didn't pick up dysentery.

H.P.S. said...

post more photos pleeeeease like the tunnel of death and the giant white guys heads.