Saturday, July 4, 2009

Across the Heartland

6800 miles, 13 days, 4 time zones, 3 skateparks and 1 moose later, I'm back in DC.

Under the guide of Captain E, it was a pretty epic trip that tested the lurking skills of all involved. Big thanks to friends and family in Montana, Bend and Minneapolis who put us up and let us stink up their houses.

After seeing our western State and National Parks up close, I'd advise anyone who has a chance to get out west and do some exploring. There's some incredible shit out there, some of which I'll post over the next few weeks. For now I'm beat and need to get some sleep.

(Capt. E photo)

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Campbell said...

Welcome back fellas. Sounds like one helluva trip. Hope t have you guys over to the new pad once we dig out of all these boxes.