Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Western Ping Pong Champion

We just left Montana this morning after a great few days hanging out with good friends in Missoula. Besides being incredible hosts (we had elk meat!) Trey, Olivia and John were also way, way into Ping Pong.

The first thing I saw pulling into their driveway at 11:00 PM on Sunday was a big-ass carport, lit up like a stadium for a night game, with a Ping Pong table underneath it. I knew we were headed for good things.

We warmed up with a few friendly games of doubles while E and I refreshed our skills. My first singles game went pretty well, with me losing a kinda-close one to Trey.

The next night was a different story. I took the gloves off and handed out 9 losses in a row to all comers, including their next-door neighbor Shane, who had a fearsome reputation but fell like the others.

Even though I dropped a few the next day, I'm pretty sure I left my mark on Missoula.

Tonight we stopped in Sheridan, Wyoming after a long day driving across a gigantic state. Besides being the self-proclaimed "Best Western City", it's also a pretty sad town, where everything closes at 9 and there are more liquor stores than stoplights. We won't be here long.

Off to Mt. Rushmore and other South Dakota stuff tomorrow.


Campbell said...

Considering I have whipped you in ping pong several times, and Douglass outrights owns the pong tables, I think we could crush Montana. The whole damn state.

KM said...

video game ping pong doesn't count. Douglass owns us all in real life.

plus, will they even allow elite Takoma Park residents to play such a common game? you may not get into the country club if they find out...