Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heavy Caulking

After months of not-so-hard work, I'm finally done with my hardwood floors. The final steps involved white paint, wood putty and a caulking gun. The jokes are so easy here I'm seriously not even going to bother. It's almost an insult.

I was pumped to finally find something I was good at in the home improvement realm. I'm a wizard with the caulking gun. So even though I struggled with the advanced technology of the hammer and nails, I was laying down perfect lines of caulk right out of the gate. I don't think that there's anything easier in household projects than caulking, but at least I've got something to build on here.

The most important thing is that this fargin project is over. I'm a little amazed at how long it took me from start to finish, and a little suprised at how excited I am to be done. I'm damn near giddy.

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Paul said...

Congratulations on the completed project...more time for Guitar Hero now.