Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vote for Votto

Reds first baseman (and Canadian citizen) Joey Votto needs your help. See, for some reason, even though he's leading the NL in home runs, in the top 5 (total guess) in RBIs and batting average, and playing for the NL Central-leading Reds, he's not on the All-Star team.

You can help change this.

Instead of looking for amputee porn or video of fat people falling down the stairs, go to this link and sign up. you can put in a fake email or one you never use, then just put in the stupid code to prove you're not a bot. After that rigorous process, you can vote 2,000 times.

If you want to be nice and vote for someone from the AL, go for Kevin Youkilis. He might play for the assface Red Sox, but he's from Cincinnati and graduated from the same hallowed high school as the author of this blog.


A, E, e, a said...

nice. I just got an email from SHS Alumni Association and voted about 10x for each of them. When did Kevin Youkilis graduate? I know he was close to my age? Same class as me? Hmmm...I didn't like baseball players, so I don't know. haha

KM said...

There's a SHS alumni association? I'm shocked they haven't sought out my membership.

Youkilis was a few years younger than us. Somewhere in PCM's range.

Paul said...

He is a year older then i am. kelly, you can join the alumni association after you join facebook

A, E, e, a said...

I think there was another Youkilis, too...Scott? I'm thinking he was the year between you (K) and I...that sounds right. maybe? whatever. I'm bored with my own thoughts.