Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Remember 'Where The Wild Things Are', the kickass book about monsters we all read as little kids? Spike Jonze (Three Kings, Sabotage/Beastie Boys video and a bunch of other cool stuff) is directing a big-time moving picture version of it, and the trailer looks incredible.

If you've got a hi-def monitor or just want to see the bigger, Quicktime trailer, apple has it up on their website, too. Check it out.

I just hope that Arcade Fire song plays the whole movie. Actually, I'd like it if that played every morning while I was in the shower. It would make my days (and showers) seem more epic.


Chris Flynn said...

How about Spike's best creation, "The Blind Video?" What kinda skateboarder are you?

KM said...

damn...i also forgot the Lakai video (explosion parts), Adaptation, Being John Malcovich, and Video Days...i suck.