Sunday, April 12, 2009

News as Art, or Art as News

Saw this today via the NYT...This Turkish artist (and some U of L students) hand-drew the entire front page of the Louisville Courier-Journal, including all the type, photos, etc.

I could get all deep and heavy-thinking on you about his intentions, or how it reflects on our views of what's real and permanent, but that's not really what I'm feeling today. So you can think about it on your own. Or not.

Here's the full article (with video and other stuff), and here's the hand-drawn page. Check it out and think deep thoughts about modern media and our perception of real or constructed news.

Regardless of how it came out or how it's perceived, I think it's a sign that newspapers are really, really struggling that a pretty conservative paper, in a pretty conservative chain (Gannett) would even consider doing something like this.

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