Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama's DC

It snowed a bunch today, and in years past, this would have been an instant snow day...schools closed, government closed, businesses closed, me sleeping late.

Not anymore. Not on Obama's watch.

After blasting DC for being a bunch of pansies earlier this year, Mayor Fenty and crew got the message. Schools stayed open, people went to work, and—holy shit—the world did not end. People realized they could actually walk in this strange, frozen water that was piled up all over the city. Even stranger, they could drive in it. Call Guinness!

I was pumped to see the city grow up a little and face winter like the rest of the world. Even though I worked from home.

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Amber said...

Okay, yeah, easy for you to say, Mr-work-from-home. Natalie and I decided Obama was sitting in the oval office yesterday morning, watching live feed from the DC street cams, laughing his ass off at all of us. I am not so sure Michelle would approve of this!!!