Sunday, January 24, 2010

3x the Power

I had a roommate in college who got into wolves for some reason. One weekend, out of nowhere, he started wearing a tshirt with wolves on it, and I remember he had an airbrushed poster with a wolf clan or something on it. I never really understood the wolf love, and thought it was pretty weird that he got that shit.

Until now.

Check out the reviews (listed right under the product name/next to the stars) of this Wolf T-shirt on Amazon. I think there is an untapped reservoir of power here, and I had no idea. No way that 1,669 people (as of today) can be wrong. When you see what they think of the 3-Wolf T-shirt (vastly superior to any shirts showing only a single wolf, according to reviewers), you may agree.


annieb said...

The Internets found it fit to expound on the shirt's powers in song as well:

100 percent cotton and it makes you a part of the brotherhood of lupine elite.

A, E, e, a said...

seriously? Don't tell your neice about ANY of this...nobody in the house is sleeping b/c of fears of ONE wolf, not to mention 3!

A, E, e, a said...

embarrassingly enough, I just checked out the amazon link you had in there...Dwight Shrute is wearing the 3 wolf wonder it's selling like crazy! If the King of Beets wears it, everyone should.