Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Weekend

I realize I've been dragging my ass on the Blog Posting lately, and I wish it was because I've had so much going on, or because there was some major drama, or even minor drama. To be honest, I've just been too lazy, and haven't wanted to bore the shit out of everyone with the random, lame stuff I've been up to.

One thing worth noting: The Bengals beat The Steelers. Only thing that woulda made that better is if The Ben had wrecked his face into another oncoming car after the game.

Oh, and I learned heelflips. Then kinda unlearned them. Now I can't do them at all, and broke a board trying. The moral of the story: Heelflips are stupid tricks that nobody needs to learn.


Ryan said...

Bears and now the Bengals take the Steelers..... Say what

HP said...

congrats to your team....oh yeah, and heelflips are not worth it.

Chris Flynn said...

Heelflips rule!!!