Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pole Protector

A while back I was skating a basketball court (outside) when some lady walked up and told me to stop 'messing up the court.' I'm not sure what harm she thought I was doing to the COMPACTED ROCK, but she had decided that someone needed to stand up for the asphalt, and it was her job to do it. After I finished applauding her effort, I went back to skating. Beyotch.

DC photographer/skateboarder/pretzel lover Chris found another Urban Defender when he was trying to shoot photos of himself hucking over this pole. Keep in mind he was literally just popping over this pole...not grinding anything, or leaving marks anywhere. Basically, it was the equivalent of running and jumping up in the air. And she told him to stop messing up the pole, or the ground, or the air or something.

If these people really want to help, they should follow around the asshats that let their dogs crap on the sidewalk and don't pick it up. That shit's an epidemic.

Being a gentleman, Chris explained he wasn't hurting anything. Since he was shooting photos with a timer, the camera went off while she was lecturing him. Outstanding.

Being a ripper, he went back to business and got this shot:


HP said...

give'ah sum christahpha!

Campbell said...

this attitude toward inoffensive skating is GROSS!