Friday, October 24, 2008


The story of the election-related attack on a McCain volunteer seemed pretty unbelievable when it came out, but I tried to give this girl the benefit of the doubt. At the time I thought it seemed kinda crazy that a guy mugging her stopped to look at her McCain bumper sticker, but whatever...

Now, not surprisingly, the story of the attack by the Angry Black Man who carved a "B" in her face (backwards, btw), has turned out to be total bullshit. She made it up, and now it turns out she has a history of mental problems. Go figure.

Among her other problems, such as trying to stoke racial fears for political gain, is her confusion with how mirrors work. She should have also taken a few extra minutes to come up with a racist, hate-filled story that at least didn't leave her physically disfigured. But hey, at least now it won't be tough to pick her out of a lineup, which is probably in her near future.

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